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Call down the vulture to dine on the corpse.

Merry Christmas!!!! 😁
I’m sure we’ll all have copious amounts of fun, no doubt.
Also a massive Merry Christmas to the men and women who can’t make it back to their families/loved ones during the festive period.
The only festive picture I could get my hands on but I must say that is the handsomest Santa I’ve ever laid eyes upon. 😘
Merry Christmas pumpkin (and to all of Heavy Platoon/the entirety that is 7th Armd Bde).

My contribution to Hallowe’en.
It shall be spent watching many episodes of The Walking Dead, no doubt.
#shamelessselfie #halloween

Ignore my horribly rushed writing. 😮

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Thankfully never drunk.
I love how those who live a stones throw away from me care much less than that of those who live hundreds of miles.
Goes to show who your real friends are doesn’t it. 😒
#deployment #hurryupplease!

Come back home and crawl into bed with me please? It’d be much appreciated. 😘😊

1 of 2 man crush Mondays.
I give you Mr. Matthew Heafy of Trivium. #mcm #offt! #Trivium

Look who came to visit for nanas’ birthday, such a little cutie pie! 😁😍

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Me when I stumble in from a night out. 🙊
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Hehe. 😄 #friends

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Need! #dockingjukebox #drmartens

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Well, brief description is needed;
The name's Kelsey.
Twenty one years of age.
Engaged to a British squaddy.
Love the alternative.
Art but I'm terrible when it comes to producing it.
Animals play a large part in my interests which also includes foreign countries and their histories.

Don't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling. 

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